Pawn Stars
Comedy / Reality  7.2/10
Returning Series – episode 17x24 aired 6 days ago, episode 17x25 airs in 23 hours
1723: Bang, Zoom, Pawn on the Moon!(June 22, 2020 – 1 week ago)
It's a space race at the Gold & Silver for an autographed Apollo 10 book. Can Rick land a deal before the seller lifts off? Meanwhile, Chum calls in Joey Fatone to get NSYNC on a collection of figurines. Can they get them No Strings Attached, or will the seller say Bye, Bye Bye? Then, a set of Bob Hope's golf clubs putt into the shop. Will Rick's offer be par for the…

A.K.A. BR: Trato Feito  CZ: Hvězdy zastavárny  DE: Die drei von Pfandhaus  US: Pawn $tars