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1.The Clearing (2020)
Post Production • July 18, 2020 • Horror
A father must battle his way through the zombie apocalypse to save his daughter.
2.The Voices (2020)
Released • July 3, 2020 • Horror / Thriller
Angry and upset after a sudden breakup with her fiancé, Grace Crawford seeks sanctuary at the remote home of her sister, Catherine. It becomes clear that Catherine is suffering from paranoid...
3.Force of Nature (2020)
Released • July 2, 2020 • Action / Drama
A gang of thieves plan a heist during a hurricane and encounter trouble when a disgraced cop tries to force everyone in the building to evacuate.
4.The King of Staten Island (2020)
Released • July 1, 2020 • Comedy / Drama
Scott has been a case of arrested development ever since his firefighter father died when he was seven. He’s now reached his mid-20s having achieved little, chasing a dream of becoming a tattoo...
5.Viena and the Fantomes (2020)
Released • June 30, 2020 • Drama / Music / Romance
A roadie travels across North America with a punk band in the 1980s.
6.aTypical Wednesday (2020)
Released • June 30, 2020 • Comedy
Gabe (J. Lee) sees his therapist (Michael Ealy) every Wednesday. Therapy takes a turn when another patient is "left behind" at the therapist's office and they go on a misadventure to get him home,...
7.47 Days The Mystery Unfolds (2020)
Released • June 30, 2020 • Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Satya, a Suspended Cop, who lost his wife in mysterious circumstances, unexpectedly gets hold of a case which relates to his wife's death. He's starts investigating which eventually hunts down his...
8.Followed (2020)
Released • June 26, 2020 • Horror / Mystery / Thriller
To gain more subscribers, a controversial vlogger stays at a cursed hotel with terrifying results.
9.Irresistible (2020)
Released • June 26, 2020 • Comedy / Drama
A Democratic political consultant helps a retired Marine colonel run for mayor in a small, conservative Wisconsin town.
10.Jungle Beat: The Movie (2020)
Released • June 26, 2020 • Animation
The Jungle Beat animals think it’s the best thing ever when an alien arrives in the jungle bringing with him the power of speech. They also surprisingly think it’s the best thing ever when they...
11.Run with the Hunted (2020)
Released • June 26, 2020 • Crime / Drama / Thriller
Oscar, a young boy, commits a noble murder and is forced to runaway from his rural hometown, leaving behind his best friend, Loux. He escapes to the nearest city, where he is inducted into a gang...
12.Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020)
Released • June 26, 2020 • Comedy / Music
When aspiring musicians Lars and Sigrit are given the opportunity of a lifetime to represent their country at the world's biggest song competition, they finally have a chance to prove that any...
13.1 Interrogation (2020)
Released • June 25, 2020 • Crime
Detective Bill Daniels has spent the last 40 years in the interrogation unit. Some are criminals, some are victims. Faced with the truth, some lie, some are defiant and some find redemption.
14.Bulbbul (2020)
Released • June 24, 2020 • Fantasy / Horror
A child bride grows up to be an enigmatic woman presiding over her household, harboring a painful past as supernatural murders of men plague her village.
15.#Alive (2020)
Released • June 24, 2020 • Action / Horror / Thriller
A disaster film about a city infected by a mysterious virus and the survivor who is isolated in the city
16.The Eastern Front (2020)
Released • June 24, 2020 • War
A dwindling group of German soldiers battle to return to their lines on the harsh Eastern Front.
17.Athlete A (2020)
Released • June 24, 2020 • Documentary
Follow the Indianapolis Star reporters that broke the story about USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar's abuse and hear from gymnasts.
18.Top Gunner (2020)
Released • June 23, 2020 • Action
Recent graduates of a secluded U.S. Air Force base must protect a gene-editing bioweapon from the Russian military—who are desperate to seize the deadly viral agent at any cost.
19.Stealing School (2020)
Released • June 23, 2020 • Comedy / Drama
April Chen, a Chinese-Canadian tech prodigy, is accused of plagiarism by an unrelenting teaching assistant and must fight to prove her innocence in a secret trial held before an academic tribunal.
20.Eric Andre: Legalize Everything (2020)
Released • June 23, 2020 • Comedy
Comedian Eric Andre presents his very first Netflix original stand-up special. Taking the stage in New Orleans, Andre breaks the boundaries of comedy as he critiques the war on drugs, the war on...