Orca (1977)

Orca - the killer whale, is one of the most intelligent creatures in the universe. Incredibly, he is the only animal other than man who kills for revenge. He has one mate, and if she is harmed by man, he will hunt down that person with a relentless, terrible vengeance - across seas, across time, across all obstacles.
Adventure / Horror • 92 minutes  5.6/10
Starring: Richard Harris Charlotte Rampling Will Sampson Bo Derek Keenan Wynn Robert Carradine Scott Walker Peter Hooten and others.
Released • July 22, 1977

A hunter squares off against a killer whale seeking vengeance for the death of its mate.

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A.K.A. BR: Orca - A Baleia Assassina  DE: Orca - Der Killerwal  DK: Orca - dræberhvalen  ES: Orca, la ballena asesina  FI: Orca - syvyyksien kostaja  GR: Orca, i dolofonos falaina  HU: A gyilkos bálna  MX: Orca, la ballena asesina  NO: Orca - havets hevner  PE: Orca, la ballena asesina  PT: Orca - A Fúria dos Mares  RU: Смерть среди айсбергов  SE: Orca - djupets hämnare  SV: Orca La Ballena Asesina  TR: Orca Denizin Aslani  US: Orca- The Killer Whale